What does the Green initiative mean for IT Architects and Engineers?

Being green for IT first and foremost means effective use of resources.

It’s quite topical to be “Green” today and while it’s difficult to differential “Green-washing” from the action, personally I believe we can all contribute to “being green” by effective use of available resources.

You may need a large RAM server or a dedicated high-performance GPU for ML training, but do you need it 24x7 for 356 days per year?

Do you need a desktop with 1KW or even 2KW PSU on your desktop or will the laptop does just fine for most of your tasks? These are little personal choices we make and I am far from being an exemplar in it.

Another aspect is memory and CPU efficiency, this is why I am fond of efficient frameworks and tools like Redis — which is still 20MB RAM in a cluster configuration with RedisGears and Python enabled and Rust. Switching your frameworks to more memory optimised can save costs, but it also makes your business more sustainable and green in the long run:

Saving orders of magnitudes in memory/dollars with Rust vs Java

“Sustainable choices are helping the planet every minute” subject line in my mailbox by IKEA FAMILY.

Let’s make our choices to make our IT infrastructure, solutions and organisations more sustainable.

Written on July 8, 2021 by Alex Mikhalev.

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Dr Alexander Mikhalev
Dr Alexander Mikhalev
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I am highly experienced technology leader and researcher with expertise in Natural Language Processing, distributed systems including distrbuted sensors and data.