Date Sat 05 March 2011 Tags cloud

Recently I was asked the number of technical questions which I nearly failed to answer, not because I don't now the answer, but because I believe such questions require more information about the context. There is a common assumption about the default mind frame with MS windows and C/C+. The assumption doesn't work for me hence I came out as a non-technical person (I think people who know me a bit will consider it as a joke, since most of the conversations I came out as a mix of geek and scientist).

* Network: what is the difference between port and socket.(I wonder what is the difference between port and file in *unix).

* between process and thread ( not much if you are reading programming erlang. I wonder what answer will be for QNX or other RTOS)

* how many ways to copy file from Linux to windows (I know at least +1 to most common: use netcat)

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