Date Sat 28 August 2010 Tags blog / web

I am a bit fed up with MT, I looked at MT5 and as usual was seriously annoyed by MT backup behavior: I attempted to recover backup from mt 4 into clean mt 5 and hit usual wall with schema mismatch error. I believe recovery should work, no matter what. It should attempt to recover most of backed up data, even with error message. And if I need to mess with database dumps and scripts, I am ready to move from MT. Currently my choice is limited to: Wordpress - most of the people I read use it. Latex plugin works out of the box and MT import from text. Cons - I am sick of PHP code and if I need to hack it, I will be in seriously bad mood. Jekill - can use git/hg for versions, I bet my computer is better suited for publishing latex with mixed html then server. Static pages generated. Cons - Ruby, I can't say I know ruby, but I can hack the code. Golbard - same as jekill but in python. I am pretty confident with python, but I will have to write movable type import.


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