This is a short example how to build very simple chart for EC2 Spot Instances using Timeplot

Following Eric Hammond example

We are going to plot ec2 c1.medium prices against c1.medium in eu-west-1, to see how more expensive amazon ec2 instances in Europe

  1. Grab EC2 spot instance price:

    ec2-describe-spot-price-history -t c1.medium -d Linux/UNIX |

    perl -ane 'print "$F[2],$F[1]\n"'>>data_ec2.txt

  2. Add --region eu-west-1 to the command above so:

    ec2-describe-spot-price-history --region eu-west-1 -t c1.medium -d Linux/UNIX |

    perl -ane 'print "$F[2],$F[1]\n"'>>data_ec2_eu.txt

  1. You also need to use two files time-plot.js and html file
  2. Save them in one directory (or use correct file paths)
  3. That's it, folks. It should look like this.


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