On the second day of my holiday, my provider VAServe basically seized

to exist. It had a major breakdown with data loss up to 40% in both

data centers in UK and UK. So my VPS including backups went down. On

my return I find out that I cleaned all backups from my  laptop, -

freeing space for the holiday photos.  VAServ recovered and provided me

with new clean VPS, I managed to recover Movable Type from 3thd May

backup, but find out that backup/restore facility doesn't work as good

as promised. I had to reset all styles in order to get it working - no

styles. I don't remember exact plugins I was using (except for my

hacks) for tags and active streams, so their settings and templates

lost. Things usually happened when I am away, so I was planing to

do full backup of the server on the last day, but instead I was

deploying django website to dedicated server up till 2 o'clock in the

morning. Stay tuned for Wedding and Honeymoon photos.


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