If you remember movie "Minority report", you may be delighted to know that interface featured in this movie is available for linux and mac, see demo video on . There is an ongoing work to move this interface into wearable devices, see presentation on TED

Building 3D social networks

Croquet IDE . Software development kit for building 3D multi-user virtual world, similar to Second Life. See demo on the link - it shows that web programming doesn't mean typing commands. Can it be our next alumni website?

Extend twitter

You possibly heard about on radio or read about it in newspaper. This is a service which limits your post to 140 characters. But you may overlook that there are services like twitter, with source code available for free, see code is available for download at .

Jaiku is another microblogging service running on google app engine with source code available at

There is a project which extends an idea of microblogging with location aware services, which is powered by

Cloud computing

I mentioned google app engine earlier and this is representative of the modern trend called cloud computing or to be more precise software as services (SaaS). Cloud computing is reincarnation of very old idea of per hour usage of virtual machine (do you remember the old PL or IBM mainframes on which you can use 2 Mb RAM by hour only?). Pioneered by amazon elastic cloud (Amazon EC) which produced a service to allow people to hire virtual server on their premises and pay as little as 10 pence per hour. Here is an example how scientists are using cloud computing for intensive computation.

There are several interesting projects:

Amazon EC2 compatible open source projects are: and

Google App engine compatible open source project:

VPN solution

Moving your own infrastructure on somebody's else premises can cause some security issues and one of them can be addressed using Cohesive VPN Cubed which claims to be secure openvpn based solution and easily be deployed in distributed fashion. We are in process of preparing trial with Cohesive to run it on our equipment, so if you would like to contribute, please contact me.

Bookmarking and collaboration service

There is a yahoo own service, which allow you to bookmark, assign a tag to the links and share them between your computers or friends. But recently emerged service which not only allow your to bookmark and share link, but add sticky notes or on the page and save and share this notes as well. See


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