Today I installed duplicity on my hpc workstation under gentoo linux. From my mac at home I wanted to check backup, but installing duplicity on mac is more cumbersome then "emerge duplicity" on gentoo linux.

Thanks to this post blog I did it fairly quickly.

Main difference for me that I used macports instead of fink so it goes like this:

port install librsync

tar zxvf GnuPGInterface-0.3.2.tar.gz

cd GnuPGInterface-0.3.2

python install


tar zxvf duplicity-0.4.12.tar.gz

python --librsync-dir=/opt/local install

duplicity collection-status scp://alex@*//home/alex/backup

I received an error that pexpect missing for this backend

so I did

easy_install pexpect

After that collection-status worked. I have not tried to use it for backup though.


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